40+Fabulous - Stand-up Comedy Show by Emma Krause (Social Events )

26th June - 19:30End: 26th June - 21:00

"This show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Emma combines her comedic genius with brilliant vulnerability as she jokes her way through her journey of being a woman." - Fringefeed 2024

"The ultimate girls night out"
(Boys welcome!)

What's the secret to a FABULOUS life?
For years, Emma Krause thought it was smiling sweetly, appeasing others, meeting demands and doing the "right" thing.     
Yeah. That sh*t doesn’t work. 
Secretly, the school teacher and mum wanted to try stand-up comedy, but she never felt brave  or “rock n roll” enough. What would happen when she got on stage and people saw that long swishing tail she hid so well? What would the school P&C and the Tupperware ladies think?
7 years into comedy, Emma no longer cares. Actually, her scales and horns are out now too. 
And that feels bloody Fabulous to her. 
A show about fears, limits, unsolicited advice and where all that can be shoved. For anyone needing more self love, laughter, or a sign to tell them their weird, quirky light needs to shine a little more.

Australia’s Got Talent Finalist 
Two time RAW comedy state grand finalist 
Star of the Oz Lotto – “Lotteree” ads 
I’d watch her gig anywhere, that was FANTASTIC! - Shane Jacobson
“I feel like we’re witnessing something very, very special, and that is just the beginning of an exceptional comedy career.” - Lucy Durak
You tonight, absolutely nailed that. And I truly, truly am now a fan. I cannot wait to purchase tickets to see you at the Opera House. - Joel Creasey

About Emma....
Emma Krause stars as Sue Finley in the current Oz Lotto ads. Her dog, Molly (highly untrained) appears in these ads too. Molly is cute, but can be stubborn to work with artistically.
A two time RAW Comedy WA State finalist, Emma appeared on Channel 7’s 'Australia’s Got Talent' in 2019, winning her way to the final 30 acts. If it wasn’t for the dance group “Little-(*%*#&)-Cookies” she says she'd have made the Grand Final.
Emma has toured the country with the award-winning comedy trio The Motherhood, delighting audiences around Australia with relatable stories about being a Mum. If you’ve ever shared your story with Emma after a Motherhood performance, it's likely you've been the inspiration for this show.

"Emma's confidence and charm let the audience know they're in safe hands and she delivers a slick hour long routine with solid material and impeccable delivery."- Melissa K
"BRILLIANT show. Was like a lovely warm embrace while I was snorting away laughing." - Lisa K
"Fabulously. Honest. Comedy." - Lisa A
"A MUST SEE laughter and therapy session. BRILLIANT!" - Megan R
"Real life, relatable comedy straight from the heart. Love your work Emma!" - Lydia G
"So much laughter, down to earth truths and emotion! Do NOT miss this show. So enjoyable for a get together with friends! See you again soon!" - Maureen M
"Emma is a BRILLIANT STORYTELLER, funny and relatable. It was a fun gig with so many laughs. Will be recommending this as a MUST SEE show!" - Renee D
"Emma is a natural when it comes to wit, humour and story telling. A really fresh offering of the reality and huourous 40+Lifestyle of women and Motherhood. You really must see Emma Krause!" - Andre O
"Had such a great night. Emma is such a natural talent and I laughed all evening!" - Christine C