Keel Boat Club Racing


The waters of Mangles Bay (in the Southern end of Cockburn Sound) provide a unique sailing ground that is characterised by flat and uncongested water, with an uninterupted and often strong afternoon seabreeze. These have proven great conditions for smaller trailerable keelboats, as well as sportsboats. 

Keelboats often set off from the Club's Hardstanding facility at Point Peron, or from a summer mooring (provided by the club) prior to racing within Cockburn Sound. Racing occurs between October and April, aligned with the club's summer sailing season.


Division 1



Division 1 is for the larger keel boats and yachts racing at the club and includes various trailerable yachts and sports boats and cruising racers participating in regular weekly racing & novelty fun events conducted thru the spring, summer and autumn months. 

The fleet is very competitive and a handicapping system ensures great racing results with a healthy rivalry and comradery amongst the boats and crews.

New boats & crews are most welcome and can contact the Division 1 Representative for more information.


Division 3



Division 3 is a mixed fleet of boats mostly being trailer sailors than can be easily launched and retrieved from the water.  However, a number of smaller keelboats also race and the racing is very keen. The fleet is very competitive but friendly and new members are given a warm welcome with lots of encouragement.

Different boats come to and fro throughout the season as they find the conditions that suit them and with our excellent performance based handicapping system, all boats have an equitable chance of winning races.

The boats racing on a regular basis range from a Swarbrick 20 up to a 26’ keelboat and all sizes in between. If you want to get into some regular competitive racing at a reasonable price but also want to have the ability to enjoy regular cruising, this is the fleet for you. We sail to Fremantle, stay overnight and then sail back in the morning twice per season. The sailing programme includes a number of mini-series such as Pursuit and Windward-Leeward races as well as the overarching Championship and Consistency Series

The handicapping system used by the club means that all boats have an even chance of winning races throughout the season.  Corrected times often come down to a matter of seconds so skippers and crew keep racing right until they have crossed the finishing line.

For more information, please contact the Division 3 Representative


Division 6 - Jib And Main



The Jib And Main (JAM) Division was formed to promote easy but fun racing that offers the thrills of the start, tactical challenges of the race yet minimize the heavy crew work and super competitiveness that spinnaker racing can sometimes require. There is no pressure to sail in every race nor every sea state and weather condition.

Competitors in this division race using Jib and the Main sails only – Leave your spinnaker in its bag. JAM Competitors race the same club courses as the other Divisions albeit the JAM circuits are amended to suit the restrictions imposed on the vessels competing in that division. A performance handicap is calculated and applied to provide as level of a playing field as possible.

The JAM fleet is ideal for skippers new to racing or those who don’t want the problem of finding enough crew to fly spinnakers. The boats can vary greatly in terms of length and performance. They often start alongside Division 3 making for some close action on the first beat to windward.

The class flag is Naval Numeral Six which unless otherwise advised, shall be displayed at all times when in an organised club race.

For more information contact the JAM Division Representative:



Keel Boat Register


Sail Number Boat Name Boat Type Division
CR12 Need for Speed Elliott 7 1
CR45 Pretty Women Elliott 7 1
CR138 Smoke 'N' Mirrors M27 1
CR80 Brio S80 1
3578 Break'n Out Lexcen 30 1
CR271 Make no Mistake Fremantle 8 1
CR176 Freedom Ross 780 1
CR256 Lokman Austral 24 3
CR07 Anelaua MB21 3
CR87 Trailblazer SS27 3
CR61 Lady Irene Swarbrick 20 3
CR4 No Etiquette R8 3
CR123 Six Pak Ross 780 3
CR133 Hakuna Matata Court 650 3
CR212 Aussie Magic Austral 24 3
H169 Yarindi SS24 JAM
CR5 Naw the Noo SS22 JAM


Specialty Keel Boat Races


Catalpa Classic

The Catalpa Classic is held annually early in the summer sailing season and commemorates the escape of six Fenians from Fremantle Gaol and the shores of Rockingham in 1876.  Yachts from TCYC representing the escapees start first in the race to Fremantle.  They are then pursued by the Fremantle boats starting later and representing the West Australian authorities.

The race is conducted on a handicap basis.  Due to the size of the magnificent trophy, it is held at TCYC for all members and visitors to admire.

Ode Saw Memorial Race

This race is in memory of Ode Saw who was a long-time member of the club and who sailed in a variety of classes over the years, starting in catamarans, Yvonne Catamarans and was one of the founding cruiser division sailors competing in many coastal events.

Cockburn Cup

Yachts from Fremantle Sailing Club race down in the morning to have lunch with us and then we join them for this race back to Fremantle.  It is a team’s event with the victorious club being determined by an aggregated performance of their competing boats.

Dvoretsky Cup

This trophy was put up many years ago by a founding member Dave Dvoretsky for a race from Fremantle to Rockingham and is one of the oldest trophy of its type in the club. Keelboats racing up to Fremantle participating in the Cockburn Cup usually stay overnight and then compete for this cup on the return journey.  The race is usually a pleasant cruise back with a light easterly but if the southerly is in early, it can turn into quite a test for the yachts.

Anzac Cup

The Anzac Cup is held on the 25th April of course and with a start time that gives skippers and crew time to attend the march and to get on the water.  The weather is often light at this time of year and makes for interesting racing.  The early start and finish means there is plenty of time to hang around at the club for a barbeque & presentation.

Garden Island Gallop

The Garden Island Gallop (GIG) was introduced to the sailing programme to encourage sailing around Garden Island.  However, there is a twist in that you can choose to sail clockwise or anti clockwise in the annual GIG. The notice of race is made available to all vessels that can sail under the Garden Island causeway via the coat hanger bridge.  There is also a course of similar distance for boats that cannot fit under the coat hanger so all boats are catered for.

The event is not restricted to club members only but all skippers shall be responsible for their boat and crew and abide by all regulatory requirements.