Races are conducted using software called “The Finishing Line’ developed and maintained by Rossdhu Systems

Consistency races

Step 1 – A yardstick is calculated which is the average of the first 4 corrected times in a race

Step 2 – For each boat finishing the race, a Back Calculated Yardstick (BCY) is calculated by dividing that yardstick by the boat’s elapsed time.  It is the factor for each boat that, when multiplied by her elapsed time, would have resulted in all boats finishing with the exact same corrected time.

Step 3 – A limiting factor is applied to the BCY to eliminate any major fluctuations in her handicap as follows:

If the BCY is more than 8% below the current handicap, that calculation is discarded

If the BCY is more than 4% below the current handicap, the BCY is limited to 96% of the current handicap

If the BCY is more than 4% above the current handicap, the BCY is limited to 104% of the current handicap

Step 3 – The handicap for the next race is the average of the last 3 BCYs calculated for a particular boat.


Championship races

One Design Classes

No adjustments are made to elapsed times to determine the winner


Mixed fleets

For mixed fleet racing such as Divisions 1 and 3, boats are allocated handicaps prior to the start of the season, after consultation with the skippers.  These handicaps will not generally change throughout the season and they are applied to a boat’s elapsed time to determine corrected times.